About Venus

The Venus Awards are recognising regional business women across the UK since 2009.

Our vision is to enhance the lives of women around the world through encouragement and self- empowerment.  To achieve this, we developed and continually expand a concept that seeks to recognise and reward local business women across the country.

Our goal is to expand into 35 regions across the UK and then take this duplicable model to other countries, including those in the developing world.

Our Values:

  • To empower women to reach their full professional and personal potential.
  • Encourage self-development of women in their chosen focus.
  • ​Passionately execute our vision, and ignite similar passion in others for their dreams.
  • Positively inspire women to improve their lives in meaningful ways.

And finally

  • HAVE FUN! - Genuinely enjoy one another and spread joy to whomever we touch

Enter the Awards

The only way to join the exclusive and fast-growing Venus Winners Circle is to apply.  And winning a Venus can add a tremendous amount of value to your business and to you personally.