Why is water the drink of life? Tara talks with nutritionist Barbara Cox in another War on Ageing subject – hydration. CUD (chronic and unintended de-hydration) is something that 70% of us suffer from because we don’t drink enough water.

If you want more energy you need to hydrate. They talk in detail about water filtration systems and remembering that everything we put into our bodies has an effect. As Barbara says’ “Our skin is not a barrier, our skin is a carrier.”




Tara Howard

Tara has never been shy of a challenge – from trekking to Everest base camp to twice finishing in the London to Brighton Cycle Ride, or to qualify as a commercial pilot and flight instructor at the age of 22. She now spearheads her greatest challenge, the Venus Awards.

With a background in running a hotel business in Bournemouth, she has turned her abundant energy and business expertise to ensuring that the Venus Awards becomes the UK's premier community for recognising and rewarding working women in the UK.

She is fast becoming a figurehead and influencer for women in business, combining all of this with being a mother of four children.

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